Known as the “forbidden territory,” the 26,000 km2 Sperrgebeit National Park is now yours to explore. Namibia’s newest national park, the Sperrgebiet is home to a profusion of endemic succulent species that is unrivalled anywhere else on the planet, making it one of the world’s top twenty-five Biodiversity Hotspots. While the Sperrgebiet is largely undeveloped, there is still a chance to explore this wild landscape. Ministry of Environment and Tourism concessionaires from Lüderitz take visitors into the northern extremity of the park where one can admire the colossal 55m tall Bogenfels rock arch, the modern diamond mine and the mysterious ghost town at Elizabeth Bay, the ghost town of Pomona and the Marchental – the famous ‘Fairy Tale Valley’, where diamonds were once so common they could be grabbed in handfuls as they gleamed in the light of the moon. Kayak the Orange River to observe the birds and animals that frequent this internationally renowned Ramsar wetland site. And of course, don’t miss the succulents, some of which grow as tall as trees and many of which put on a stunning floral display after winter rains. Now is the time to discover the Sperrgebiet. Due to its diamond wealth, the area has been off limits to the public for close to a century and the habitat has been left largely untouched, making a visit to the park a truly unique wilderness experience.