Home to four of the Big 5, Mudumu National park is one of the few places in Namiiba where you will see buffalo, plus so much more! Dense mopane woodlands are at the core of the park, the combination of forest and water ensuring a wealth of wildlife. Centered on the Mudumu Mulapo fossil river course, this vast 390 square mile expanse of dense savannah and mopane woodlands bordered in the west by the Kwando River, was proclaimed a national park in 1990. Drive through thick mopane forest and over wide floodplains past swamps of papyrus and temporary lakes besieged by waterfowl.

Be dwarfed by immense leadwood trees. Encounter the water-loving creatures of Mudumu; the elephants and hippos, the spotted-necked otters and crocodiles, and the rare red lechwe and sitatunga antelope. Watch for the swirl of a fanged tiger fish or the ripples of turtles and water snakes. Don’t miss the sight of the local fishermen deftly poling their mokoros (dug-out canoes) and casting their nets for tilapia in the light of a setting sun to the sound of drums and singing from nearby villages. Complete the day by camping under riverine forest and listen to nature’s orchestra; the slosh of life-giving water, the croaking of frogs, the cries of owls and the throaty chuckles of Mudumu’s hippos.