The Quirimbas National Park (QNP) is situated in Cabo Delgado Province, covers six provincial central districts and comprises 11 islands in the Archipelago of Quirimbas.

7,506 km2

The QNP can be accessed by air travel, from all provincial capital cities (via Lam and Air Corridor) and regional flights from the RSA, Tanzania, Kenya to Pemba and later on by road leading to the inner park or by small aircrafts available at Pemba airport or through local tourist agents or by sea to the park islands

Best viewing season:
In the weak months, between April and October.

Islands, sea environment with coral-reefs and more than 375 fish species. Wild Life (great mammals, birds, and other species). Culture (Ibo Island), Banco de Sao Lazaro with unique features. Mangroves, mountains, miombo and savannah forests.

Marine species: whales, dolphins, dugongs, turtles, sharks and wide range of exotic fish species, and a diversity of interest for sports, fishing charters and diving. Land Species: elephants, buffaloes, pala-palas, elands, mabecos (dog-hunters), lions, leopards, spotted hyenas, jackals, crocodiles. A wide range ol bird species.

Viewing Hours:
The QNP can be visited daily from 7.30 to 16.30

This Park has a great potential tor performance ol various ecotourism activities apart from having the particularity ol combining within its limits different tourist attractions, such as the sun and the sea, wild and cultural life. Its coral-reels are ideal for diving and snorkelling.

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