The Gile National Reserve (GNR) is situated in Zambeze Province, covering the districts of Gile and Pebane. The GNR was initially declared at first proclaimed Partial Game Reserve of Gile in 1932.

Area: 2,860 km2

Road access from Zambezia capital city, Quelimane or from other points of the Province. Guests are urged to travel in 4×4 vehicles due to the conditions of the roads. Other access is also possible from Nampula city (Nampula Province).

Best viewing Season.- In the weak months during winter, between April and October. However, the best period for bird watching is during the rain season (November-March).

There is no tourism development in the GNR. Accommodation under the form of camping can be arranged through the GNR administration in the Musseia main campsite and in the Lice inspection campsite.

It is mainly made up of miombo forest, dambos, reforested savannah and riverine vegetation along various rivers and rivulets. Of great interest the granitic Kopjes’ habitats which are either inside or around the GNR.

There are listed 95 mammal species, amongst which the elephants, lions, leopards, wild dogs (wolves), spotted hyenas (crocutacrocuta), pala-palas, kudos, impalas. There are also listed 114 bird species.

Viewing Hours:
The GNR can be visited daily from 7h30 to 16h30.

The mounts surrounding the Reserve are ideal for mountaineering. The GNR can have tourist connections, with the beautiful Pebane beach, the Gurue landscape, the Moebasse beach and with the first and second islands, (Zambeze Province) as well as with Mozambique Island (Nampula Province).

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