Any positive case of Coronavirus in Zimbabwe is reported to the central registry in Harare on a daily basis, including tourists.
Most cases occur when the guest is getting ready to leave and go for their PCR test to return home, in the event that the test returns positive they have 24 hours to retest in the event that the first test was possibly false, this second test has to be done at a different laboratory.

If the second test comes back negative then a third test needs to be done to confirm the first test was indeed a false positive. If the third test comes back negative no further action is required and the client is free to leave the country.

If however, the second test comes back positive the client is required to Isolate in a designated facility for a period of 10 days from the day of testing positive. They are assigned a case worker that works for the Ministry of Health to monitor them during their isolation period.

At this point the MOH will transport the guests to the isolation facility. The guests are then remotely checked in.

In Victoria Falls Malachite House at 544 Reynard Road which is a self catering tourist lodge is one such facility. (A Designated Facility by the Ministry Of Health Zimbabwe)

544 Malachite House have a base fee of USD$40.00 Per person per day. The accommodation is sanitized and cleaned before and after the guest has left. Each patient is given their own room to isolate.

The facility includes;
– Cleaning Materials
– Wifi
– Smart Tv with Netflix and Others
– cooking utensils
– amenities

The host will go shopping for you and deliver the groceries in a safe way to you. Take-aways are available from most restaurants. We recommend obtaining Covid-19 travel insurance for your trip as this will be covered in your policy.
544 is a self catering facility with everything you need to isolate for 10 days including a leafy garden.

On the 10th day of Isolation the case worker will do an assessment of the client and if they are asymptomatic will receive a release letter from the Department of Health, However you will still require a negative PCR test to leave Zimbabwe. Airlines are still unsure to accept release letters without a negative PCR test.

If you test negative during your stay it makes no impact on your isolation period and you still need to wait out the 10 day isolation.

Host Comment – We highly recommend anyone coming to Zimbabwe to obtain a Covid-19 Vaccine, this way you are far less likely to test positive and become ill.

Guests need to pay for all Covid Tests which in Victoria Falls will be around 60 USD per test, If they have insurance then insurance will pay clients after their trip and the client claims these funds back.

If the client is part of a group and is the only one tested positive they will go into one of the cottages and have it to themselves for the entire 10 day isolation period. This will give them access to the garden, Lounge, Kitchen and bathroom and share it with no other person.

If several members of the group test positive at the same time each member will be given their own room to isolate, but will have access to the entire house shared with the others in their group.

Medical equipment like masks, sanitizer and oximeters are provided to clients at their own costs.

There will be a small charge for Transportation of groceries but this is done on a case by case basis.

When the client leaves a full decontamination of the property is done, knapsack sprayers are used and all linen is washed thoroughly.

For more information on Malachite House and other similar accommodation options in Victoria Falls please contact AJ Benzon on or book the property on line at Malachite

Please note Malachite house is not a medical facility and if your designated case worker deems you to be too ill, you will be moved to a hospital registered for Covid 19 treatment.

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