The Victoria Falls once again gets a new, exciting addition. This time it is to the restaurant and coffee culture of the town. Reynardo’s is a modern eatery, designed with lots of open air and a relaxed seating plan. With options for eat in or take away their menu offers some good variety.

Situated in the residential hub of the town next door to the local grocery store “Seven 11”, Reynardo’s is the brainchild of father and son team Bud and Guy Cockroft. When we asked them how they came up with the concept Guy said it has been a dream of his for some years now.

“This is the culmination of some years of dreaming and a year of action, I am so excited and we are so thankful for the support of the local market already”

Bud Cockroft has been a resident of Victoria Falls for many years, where he and his late wife Jane have been supporters of community projects and anything that makes the town special and progressive. Including the establishment of the local primary school in the 90’s where Guy attended as one of the first students. Bud is also known for his music, one classic amongst which is “Run Rhino Run” supporting conservation efforts in the region.

Guy has returned to Victoria Falls, joining a creative and vibrant group of the younger generation residents in the resort city. The young energy brings a cosmopolitan vibe to the destination, blending live music, modern design, photography, art and now food culture which is taking Victoria Falls in an exciting direction.

Reynardo’s is strategically placed to provide the local residents with an easy to access “eat out” option and also to benefit from the many boutique style lodges, bed and breakfasts and Airbnb options that have sprung up in the city.

Now you may ask how did they come up with the name “Reynardos” – well, the main road that runs through the suburbs of Victoria Falls is called Reynard Road – and the rest is history.

We believe that the lay out, the staff, the menu and the great energy are an inspirational mix that will see this new addition to succeed and provide many great memories.

The only downfall may be to the waist lines of some of the residents.

For a look at Reynardo’s Menus see below.

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