In this wonderfully frank article on the pros and cons of visiting the Victoria Falls from either – the Zambia or Zimbabwe side of the river we learn a few things.

Local opinion on the article – As a local I believe she may have missed out on the Mukuni Market experience in Livingstone when it comes to shopping and also the Mukuni Village visit experience for culture which is an incredible opportunity for those looking for a living cultural experience  – but on the whole I agree with her interpretations. Both sides of the river offer unique and wonderful experiences – given the time the true explorer should visit both sides.

In Vanessa Chiasson’s report on what she sees as the bonus of one side versus the other she discusses –

  1. The Viewing the Falls Experience – her score – Zim
  2. The Culture – her score – Zam
  3. The Art – her score – Zim
  4. The Wildlife – her score tie
  5. The Adventure – her score Zambia wins because of Devil’s Pool which is a Joker in the pack

Not in the scoring is the Lookout Café which seems to win the coffee and food test for the Zimbabwe side.

Her final result though is VISIT BOTH SIDES!

Read Vanessa Chiasson’s full interpretation here – TRAVEL AWAITS

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