Victoria Falls town is about to get a splash of colour and fun as the Bamba Bus hits the roads this Easter.

The town’s latest tourism offering is a hop-on-hop-off, fully refurbished T-35 bus painted in bright, colours, boasting an equally retro interior.

The Bamba Bus will undertake a route through the suburbs, the main shopping areas, the Falls, and eateries, at a price of $10 for a full day’s use from the middle of the year.

It will also offer an evening restaurant run service on the same ticket.

Exclusively over the Easter holiday period, the Bamba Bus will be available for hire, either as a party bus in its own right at $30 per person for the day, with on board refreshments, or for an easy way to make sure groups can get around town together.

Patrons can expect to stay entertained no matter how long their trip, with a very African soundtrack setting the mood inside the bus, and a cheerful conductor- complete with chetenge bowtie- – onboard to help them find their way.

The Bamba Bus meets a gap in the market for cheap, dependable, easy transport allowing locals and international visitors a way to get around Victoria Falls in style.

Maps will also be for sale when the Bamba Bus launches mid-year, with a significant proportion of the proceeds to go to charity.

Three Perspex boxes up the front of the bus will allow patrons to vote with their discarded maps on the charity of their choice. Half of the proceeds from each map will then be contributed towards that charity at the end of each month.

The T35 Bamba Bus is made in Zimbabwe, and has been fully renovated by local artisans in preparation for its new role carrying tourists around Victoria Falls.

It will officially launch in June.

Those interested in hiring the bus, learning more, or lodges interested in selling tickets will find more information here:

Website: Bambabus

Facebook: Facebook Bambabus

Instagram: @thebambabus

Contact: AJ Benzon on +263777027591