Jessica and AJ Benzon moved to Victoria Falls a few years back – together they run a successful accommodation business – as AJ spends time on the lodges, Jessica is able to spend time growing her business in cake making now called “Frosting on Safari” 


Recently Jessica’s work made it into the highly regarded “Travel Essence Magazine” – read the full article here TEM

Read part of the article as follows –

“As fortune would have it, Jessica and AJ
got an exciting opportunity to move to
AJ’s home country; Zimbabwe. It was
here that they opened a small B&B, which
became a moment of pivoting for Jessica,
as she really immersed herself in the
local cake decorating scene and began
promoting her business as “Frosting on
Safari”. The name came about as inspired
by Jessica baking cakes for guests in the
camps in Botswana as well as Victoria
Falls – a tourist border town widely known
for its abundance of safari opportunities.
The name was a hit and the orders started
to come through.”

Jessica hopes that in 2021, Frosting on Safari will
evolve into a successful private catering business,
leveraging the growth she has already started to
witness as she prepares sunset snacks for cruise
boats. She enjoys taking advantage of the beautiful
sunset on the Zambezi as tourists to Victoria
Falls enjoy sundowners onboard river boats. She
also hopes to provide catering for private guests
in luxury homes that she and her husband rent
out to high-end tourists, finding young, aspiring
chefs with the same passion she carries to work
and grow with, giving them the same excitement
and zeal has led to her success as a Chef to date.
“Most of my inspiration comes from the beauty
of nature around us,” says Jessica. “Living in
Victoria Falls has made it easy to make safari
themed cakes, simply because the environment is
a fitting ode to the beauty of nature and wildlife.
I love making the small lions, hippos, and giraffes
on the cake, and the best part of my job is the
reveal; to see a bride’s tears well up or hear the
excited scream of a toddler is really the best part
of it all,” she adds.”

“It took me a while to establish myself in the
town but now that I have, I am the go-to person
for cakes! Victoria Falls is a stunning place
to get married and I absolutely love doing
wedding cakes too! Did I mention I have an
obsession with flowers!? Everyday I prep my
sugar room for a days’ worth of decorating and
creating. I go and pick whatever fresh flowers
are in my garden, get the indie music going
and start working.”

To see more of Jessica’s amazing Cakes go to her Facebook Page

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