The Green Season in the wilderness is truly a celebration of the wonder of life. In the Zambezi Valley, the start of the rains brings spectacular cloudscapes, awesome thunderstorms and wonderful, life-giving water.

Within a short space of time, there is a frenetic growth spurt. Grasses shoot almost while you watch, leaves sprout, flowers open, insects hatch, impalas, warthogs and other wild animals time the birth of their babies to coincide with an abundance of food, and the summer migrant birds are everywhere. The air is alive with sound of cicadas, brilliant butterflies and dragonflies flit, dung-beetles energetically scurry to pack and roll their balls of poo to safety ready for egg-laying, and all the animals of the wild look sleek and healthy and well-fed.

THIS is a wonderful time to be on safari. It can be challenging, and you need to be self-sufficient, or rely on an experienced tour operator. Road access can be very restricted in remote areas after heavy rain, temperatures and humidity are high, and visibility is less easy than in the dry season because of leaf-cover. But if you’re up for an adventure, a Green Season Safari is an AWESOME experience.

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From Editor 5 VF24