Actual Situation as is taking place with guests that are arriving currently – The situation is that a visitor to Zimbabwe must have a COVID test certificate, taken no more than 48 hours prior to arrival in the country and with a negative result. With this certificate the visitor is allowed free and un regulated access to travel within the country immediately as long as other standard visa regulations are met.

NB – If the visitor arrives without this certificate they will be required to take a COVID test at the airport the results for which will be available within four hours.

At the time of this article being first released – The UK GOV Travel Advice stated the following as –

People arriving in Zimbabwe are subject to a 14-day quarantine period. If you arrive with a negative COVID-19 test issued within 48 hours of arrival, or test negative at the airport, you may self-isolate at a designated address. If you test positive for COVID-19 at the airport, you will have to quarantine in a government-approved facility.

A local tour operator stated – “The concern is badly worded or erroneous Travel Advice given by an authority of a country that is such an important source market will have a negative impact on the recovery of tourism to the country and to the region as a whole”

Further to this the issue was highlighted by the Africa Travel and Tourism Association ATTA and a press release was sent out this morning from this organisation as follows. Of note in this press release is that the problem includes US Foreign Travel Advice

ATTA News release – 04/12/2021

Please note the following updates as of 3rd December:
• Update on Zimbabwe:
o All ports of entry / exit are now open
o Quarantine on arrival: it has come to our attention that both the UK FCDO and US State Department websites advise all travellers have to quarantine for 14 days on arrival. This is NOT correct. Travellers arriving into Zimbabwe with a negative certificate are exempt quarantine. We are in touch with the FCDO who have acknowledged the discrepancy and will update you when we have further information on any changes.
o Testing: PCR testing is available at international Zimbabwean airports at $60 each with a 2 hour turnaround time.
o If testing is positive, guests are monitored by a Rapid Response team for quarantine either in a medical facility if they are showing symptoms, or, if asymptomatic at a designated lodges or private home.

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