In Response to strong public outrage the Government in Zimbabwe has announced a ban on Mining inside National Parks.

Jut ten days ago a report was released that two mining firms had been given permits to conduct mining exploration inside Hwange National Park. The community in Zimbabwe including tourism players and members of the public were outraged.
The Government has since issued a statement claiming that mining is banned inside any National Park in Zimbabwe.

At a time when the natural habitat in Zimbabwe, a country recognised as one of the leading wildlife nations on the continent, is under immense pressure from subsistence poaching and the demand for firewood. The news of the mining galvanised the nation and groups gathered to object and plead with the Government not to allow the mining.

Briefing journalists during a post cabinet press conference, Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Monica Mutsvangwa said government was already taking steps to cancel mining titles held in National Parks.
“Mining on areas held by National Parks is banned with immediate effect. Steps are being undertaken to immediately cancel all mining title held in National Parks,” said Mutsvangwa.

The Minister added that there were some parts of the Save River and the Angwa River where mining would be allowed. The impact that this mining will have on the environment in these areas is still under question.

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