The Conservation Games to Begin Next week – Brought to you by the Zambesia Conservation Alliance

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A team of active people in Victoria Falls are working on a project called “The Conservation Games”
Reading through the press release recently received, which we have posted below this article, I got the sense of sporting memories reviving, as you sit and watch sporting heroes from different disciplines and age groups meeting on “Zoom” to do battle in some form of “sporty – wild” type quiz game.

What interested me most about this initiative is that it is linking the power of sport to the very real plight of conservation. We all know that right now there is a serious lack of up to date sport to watch. We also know that if nothing is done to ensure funding gets to the people involved in conservation, we could see mass habitat loss and the demise of viable populations of Africa’s wildlife.

In roll the Conservation Games – apparently these guys have signed up players from cricket, rugby, athletics and tennis. Names that include Murray Goodwin, Pommie Mbangwa, Heath Streak, Tatenda Taibu with current stars such as Brendan Taylor and Sean Williams, from the cricketing world and Ian Mcintosh, Tonderai Chivanga and others from rugby. Tennis and golfing stars, past and present and athletics stars such as Brian Dzingai and Ken Harnden.

The draw for the four teams is scheduled to take place this weekend some time and the recording for this will be shown on the various social media platforms linked to the games.

The Games will see these players being put into four teams, each one named after an iconic African Wild Animal. The Captains of each team will drive the players in their squad, to win both the fund-raising challenge and the online shoot out “match”.
Each match up will see two players – one from each of the opposing teams arrive on zoom with a moderator/referee.

During the match you see the players asking each other some telling questions about their own and their opponent’s career. The match will include some conservation facts and points of interest as well as something funny that the players will do, right now this is apparently a secret.

This sounds to me like something fun and enthusing to help with the Lock down Malaise. It also seems like a wonderful cause as the people behind the games have set up an organisation that will channel funding to the Anti-Poaching Units in the field. They need our support more than ever due to a lack of tourism.

For more information – The Zambesia Conservation Alliance and #SportforConservation team can be contact on for more information.
Visit the Facebook Page The Conservation Games or the web site

Watch Sample Game Here

Press Release from the Organisers.

The Zambesia Conservation Alliance has initiated a movement called #SportForConservation that will kick start next week with The Conservation Games. The goal behind this is to drive awareness for wildlife conservation and ultimately provide support to front line conservation efforts. These heroes in the field are struggling since the loss of tourism revenue due to Covid-19.

The Conservation Games are a first of their kind and will bring our favourite African sporting heroes together in a competitive virtual “face-off” encounter online, that promises to enthuse, inspire and educate a diverse audience. A series of battles will ensue as players from different teams go head to head in a war of knowledge and words.

The games will not only excite sports fans, eager to see how their favourite players endure an environment away from their comfort zones, but it will also appeal to the occasional sports lovers and even non-sports people who simply want to be entertained by a masterfully crafted series of episodes. Sports trivia and fascinating conservation messaging will be woven together to create an intriguing mix of exciting information. The platform will be fully interactive, and audiences will be encouraged to participate and have their say.