Should Victoria Falls Residents Be Allowed to View the Falls with strictly monitored health guidelines – what is your opinion?
Today the Zambezi at Victoria Falls is at the peak flow for the 2019 – 2020 season.

For anyone that has climbed a mountain, be it Ben Nevis, Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro or even your nearby hilltop that takes 30 minutes to summit, imagine getting to the top but not being allowed to enjoy the view.
That would be an experience like torture, for the residents of Victoria Falls town this is how it feels.

The waters of the Zambezi have peaked here in the Falls. The Rain Forest’s, National Parks gates are firmly closed due to the Corona Virus Outbreak. It is understandable of course that the authorities are cautious, visiting the Falls may be a luxury and a form of entertainment at a time when things are deadly serious and people need to follow the strict guidelines of our latest lockdown.

Its always important to explore the possibility though that this is also an opportunity that may outweigh the negative and one that if followed strict guidelines could also be safe.

If the residents of Victoria Falls were allowed to go in and do a once off viewing of the Falls, at this water level and were then encouraged to take pictures and send them via social media to the world would this not be a real PR opportunity for us as a destination. Last year the BBC and Sky Film crews came to the Falls and they told the world the Falls could be drying up. This initiative would help to solve that riddle – the Falls are Not going to run dry – the very opposite is in fact true, they are in flood!

We believe if the department of National Parks took this bold step they would create a very positive reaction and deserve credit for allowing this to happen.

Rules of the viewing could be put in place –

Of course there must be rules – wear masks – keep a clear 20 metre gap between individuals or between each family unit. Even a time limit at each viewing point to allow for the ease of movement without causing a crowd to gather.

The fact is that the river has not reached this water level in ten years and we may not see this level for a few years to come.

If you would like to comment on our Facebook page please do so and give us your thoughts, this is only an article to explore the possibility and get thoughts from you all.

Use the hashtag – #openthefallsforlocals

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See the graphs below of the river levels at Ngonye 350km upstream of Victoria Falls and at Nana’s Farm just 30km upstream.