Treeco, a local tree nursery has teamed up with other leading conservation organizations to fight deforestation and habitat loss by planting one million trees in Zimbabwe.

As the leading sponsor to this project, Bushtracks Africa has said they are proud. “We stand strong in the battle against climate change and deforestation and as a responsible and committed player in the region aim to play a positive role,” says general manager, Simon Teede. 

Treeco will plant one million trees

Image by Sue Brady from Pixabay

Forestry Commission and Wild is Life has also joined in sponsoring this project, helping more trees find a home in Zimbabwean soil. 

All the trees that have been used in this project were grown at Fuller Forest Nursery by Forestry Commission and Treeco. They have been carefully picked to suit the climate, including indigenous fruit-bearing species. 

In the success of the very first planting project, Olia Danckwerts of Treeco has said that further events will be taking place in the region during the rainy season. These projects will be paying local farmers and communities that live in close proximity to wilderness and forested areas to plant and maintain the one million trees.

Every tree planted will be monitored with a new mobile app, Treeco App. Developed by Green Fingers Mobile, it will collect and manage data of the reforestation project from the participants and volunteers. With this app, Treeco hopes to understand the impact these trees have on the local areas around Victoria Falls. 

“Trees are life, they give us everything; our air, our food, and our water.” 
– Treeco Founder Jos Danckwerts

Source: Chronicle | PaZimbabwe | Treeco Fund