Hosting the sixth Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (ARFSD), Zimbabwe will be working toward a better and sustainable future.

Sustainable Development in Zimbabwe

Image by James Thompson from Pixabay

The goal of this year’s ARFSD is to encourage African countries to achieve the sustainable development goals of the UN during this decade, 2020 to 2030.

As hosts, Zimbabwe will have the opportunity to show its growth and availability for tourism. According to Sekai Nzenza, the country’s acting Labour, Public Service, and Social Welfare Minister, Zimbabwe will be able to build strategic alliances with other countries. This will further Zimbabwe’s sustainable development goals. It will also allow them to share their own successes towards achieving these goals.

Victoria Falls Enviro Watch

This non-profit trust acts as the voice of the community around Victoria Falls with specific regard to environmental issues. This is in accordance with the Environmental Management Act, which allows citizens to protect the environment. Victoria Falls Enviro Watch (VFEW) will take up the concerns that affect the environment and wildlife with the relevant authorities.

Victoria Falls is fast growing and there is a lot of new development that is taking place. VFEW bring up sustainability issues with those developments to ensure the sustainable development of the area around the falls. The organization is not against development but rather for development in a responsible and sustainable way.