The city of Livingstone is the former capital of Zambia. Originally known as “Old Drift” because this was the point at which early explorers crossed the Zambezi river heading North. It was renamed after David Livingstone because he was the first European to see the Falls in 1856. When reporting his incredible find back to the newspapers in Britain he named them after his Queen, Queen Victoria.

Livingstone museum secures grant

Photo by Nqobile Vundla on Unsplash

The Capital was changed when Zambia gained independence in 1964 and is now Lusaka, a large sprawling city in the centre of the country. However, Livingstone remains the tourist capital of the country as it is only 10km from the Falls and at the centre of a magnificent wilderness region that includes Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Museums Galleries Scotland has agreed to a £39,000 grant for the David Livingstone Museum. The museum is in the centre of the city in an old colonial style building with a clock tower. They will use this grant to upgrade the museum and develop partnerships with other organizations.

The museum expects this refurbishment project to start in May of 2020.

Museums Galleries Scotland supports more than 400 Scottish museums, this grant will be their first international investment.

For more information follow David Livingstone Birthplace.

Source: David Livingstone Birthplace | Museum Galleries Scotland | Livingstone Tourism