Vic Falls Travel Buddy magazine is a handy A5 sized tourist guide magazine which is available for free from all high-traffic areas of Victoria Falls, as well as online at​. The publication has been put together by long-term Vic Falls residents Shaun Read & Guy Cockcroft, who both grew up and attended junior school at Victoria Falls Primary School and still reside in the town on a semi-permanent basis.

The magazine is aimed at giving visitors to the town a more in-depth look at what there is to do and see in the tourist town from a local’s perspective, as well as giving it’s readers a rare “behind-the-scenes” taste of the many ongoing conservation and community development efforts that are essential in maintaining the natural beauty and diversity of the local environment and wildlife.

Showcasing a range of local businesses, attractions, restaurants, a tourist map, useful services and entertainment options on offer in Victoria Falls, readers are given a well rounded overview of the destination as a whole, with sections such as “The top 12 things to achieve in Vic Vegas”, “5 places to grab a sadza”, and in the next issue, “The 10 best views in Victoria Falls”, all articles featuring beautiful photography from a handful of the area’s most talented photographers.
In the next edition, set to come out late September, feature articles include “Victoria Falls’ Leading Green Tourism Players” and “Sylvester’s Legacy Fund, and a look at the use of Animal Ambassadors in Conservation”, as well as a host of other topics that will entertain, educate and inform visitors and locals alike. (See a preview of the next edition’s cover below).

In a bid to reduce their environmental footprint, only a limited number of physical copies are produced, and readers are encouraged to download a soft copy of the magazine in PDF format, and to “Pass the magazine onto your next travel buddy”. The magazine is easily downloadable onto a phone or tablet by way of a QR code conveniently placed on the cover.

Released bi-annually, and with a readership of 12,000 for the first edition, Vic Falls Travel Buddy would like to extend an invitation to interested parties to reserve their advertising spots for the next edition by email to ​​ before the 30th August 2019 in order to secure a spot in the next edition.

Download your free copy of the first edition at ​ Deadline for advert submissions: 30th August 2019