Runner and philanthropist Liz Warner is taking on 30 of the world’s most challenging marathons, reaching 30 different countries before turning 30 in June 2020.

Covering 786 miles, Liz is set to raise $100,000 for local organizations in the final 20 countries, as well as to highlight on a global scale the efforts of each incredible organization and the strong communities, natural beauty and rich culture that each country holds.

Off & Running

Marathoner Liz Warner launched Run to Reach in early 2019, marking the beginning of a whirlwind 18-month international fundraising initiative that will see her face 30 marathons across the globe and partner with 20 organizations that are making significant impacts in their respective countries.

Liz will run well-known marathons including the Tokyo Marathon as well as other challenging events taking her across the world, including to the Saharawi refugee camps in the Western Sahara,
up a volcano in Guatemala, along ice sheets in Antarctica, between gers in Mongolia, and across the world’s largest waterfall in Zimbabwe.

Along the way, Liz’s mission will be to empower communities throughout the world. Through active partnerships with local charities and organizations, Liz hopes to tell a story of each nation that brings to light a positive narrative in the face of challenging situations and stigmas. Some do this by elevating untold stories. Others build communities by supplying women with the resources and confidence they need to become powerful individuals. Still others push boundaries and work to endow marginalized communities with the capacity to evoke change.

I’ve participated in numerous marathons and fully believe in the potential of the running community to make an incredible impact on the planet. I am firmly convinced that our collective impact, linked together, can be exponentially more powerful and change the world we live in today. Through Run to Reach, the organizations I have chosen to work with are powerful examples of empowering global communities. Whether it’s transforming education facilities in local towns and villages or providing women with the resources they need to become powerful individuals, I want Run to Reach to enforce change across the world.

– Liz Warner


  • Tokyo Marathon ( Japan) – June 2013
  • Seoul International Marathon (South Korea) – March 2014
  • Kuala Lumpur Marathon (Malaysia) – October 2014
  • Singapore OSIM Sundown Marathon (Singapore) – July 2015
  • Bagan Temple Marathon (Myanmar) – November 2016
  • Paris Marathon (France) – April 2017
  • Beirut Marathon (Lebanon) – November 2017
  • Vienna Marathon (Austria) – April 2018
  • Porto Marathon (Portugal) – November 2018
  • Ooredo Doha Marathon (Qatar) – January 11 2019
  • Al Mouj Muscat Marathon (Oman) – January 18 2019 – Dar Al Atta’a
  • Sahara Marathon (Algeria) – February 27 2019 – Sandblast Arts
  • Guatemala Impact Marathon (Guatemala) – March 10 2019 – Seres
  • Two Oceans Marathon (South Africa) – April 20 2019 – Population Services International
  • Run the Silk Road Marathon (Kyrgyzstan) – May 11 2019 – Helvetas
  • Sierra Leone Marathon (Sierra Leone) – May 26 2019 – Street Child
  • Victoria Falls Marathon (Zimbabwe) – July 7 2019 – Against Malaria Foundation
  • Australia Outback Marathon (Australia) – July 27 2019 – Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
  • Sunrise to Sunset Marathon (Mongolia) – August 7 2019 – World Vision
  • Patagonia International Marathon (Chile) – September 7 2019 – Conservacion Patagonica
  • Buenos Aires Marathon (Argentina) – September 2019 – L.I.F.E
  • Erbil Marathon (Kurdistan) – October 2019 – Nadia’s Initiative
  • Havana Marathon (Cuba) – November 10 2019 – Care International
  • Panama City International Marathon (Panama) – November 24 2019 – Fundación Calicanto
  • Del Mar a la Cima Marathon (Colombia) – December 2019 – Innovations for Poverty Action
  • Egyptian Marathon (Egypt) – January 2020 – Seva
  • Seychelles Eco-Friendly Marathon (The Seychelles) – February 2020 – Nature Seychelles
  • Antarctica Marathon – March 2020 – Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition
  • Istrian Marathon (Slovenia) – April 2020 – Caritas
  • The Great Wall Marathon (China) – May 2020 – Oxfam International

About Liz

Currently residing in Paris but born and raised in Atlanta, Liz kicked off her challenge back in 2013 with the Tokyo Marathon, the first of the ten marathons she has run to date. Since then, she has competed in the world renowned Singapore and Paris marathons, as well as smaller races in Myanmar and Lebanon. Liz now faces 20 further marathons across all seven continents, reaching a finale at the Great Wall of China Marathon in May of 2020.

Liz will be the only one running, but this is by no means a one-person endeavor. From kind hearted donors to the individuals benefiting from the work carried out by these organizations, this is a wide- reaching project with the hopes of connecting like-minded people across the planet. In each country, Run to Reach goes beyond fundraising for local organizations; it elevates the causes they support within our global, collective consciousness.

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