Press Release: The Zambian side of the Victoria Falls, also known as the Eastern Cataract, has in recent years suffered from very low water flows in the drier months of the year and tourists visiting that side of the Falls have been disappointed because of the lack of water.

The negotiations by the tourism industry to get the hydro scheme to take off less water in the day time there in allowing more water to flow naturally over the falls has recently proved successful and the flows have increased resulting in a much improved tourist experience.

With the decision, tourists viewing the Victoria Falls from Zambia are in for a spectacular sight

Peter Jones, who has been leading the negotiations, commented recently.

“I have just spent the morning with John Zulu, site manager of the Victoria Falls World Heritage site in Livingstone, Zambia seeing the dramatic changes now that ZESCO has reduced the amount of water they draw off the Falls during the day. The result is spectacular. Many thanks to Mr Victor Mudende CEO ZESCO and Clint Kombe the Station Manager for their valuable co-operation.”

Zimbabwe and Zambia share the Victoria Falls and the views from both sides are unique and worth seeing by tourists who make the trek to this incredible natural spectacle.