Wednesday 15th of November 10am – We can confirm that all indications in the short and medium term point towards very little effect on the practical day to day running of the country. Zimbabweans have been reassured by presentations on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation official channels that there is no threat to the people of the country and no threat to tourists visiting the country.

Indeed the releases have encouraged peace and stability. This is firmly in line with the general feeling among the people of Zimbabwe who are peace loving and friendly.

The situation on the ground both in Harare and in the entire country is peaceful and people are going about their lives as usual.

We have received reliable reports that all scheduled flights in and out of the country in Harare, in Victoria Falls and in Bulawayo are running as per usual and all other border posts are open. This is highly unlikely to change.

As VF24, knowing the ways of the people of Zimbabwe, we believe that there is and will not be any threat to the normal tourism business in the country and there is and has never been any threat to Zimbabwe’s tourists and companies involved in tourism. We are confident this will remain the status quo and we will be the first to warn our readers and followers of any change in this status.

As far as we understand, international agents and foreign clients are listening to the advice of hotel management, travel agents and ground handlers in the country and appreciate that their safety is in no way threatened.

We have not at this time heard of any travelers cancelling or reducing their stay in the country.

It is our advice to tour operators that have clients with plans to visit Zimbabwe to keep in close contact with their official tourism suppliers in the country. We encourage all of these people to keep their plans to travel to this beautiful country in place and reassure them that in the unlikely development the situation were to change and become unsafe for travel that Zimbabwean Tourism Operators will inform them of this change.

Robin Brown