Congratulations to the Finaughty family team from Fin’s Fishing Safaris, who won the Kariba Invitation Tiger Fishing Tournament for the second year in a row!   This year’s event took place at Charara, Kariba, between 18th and 20th October in blistering hot temperatures.
55 teams took part.
Here are the Top Ten team winners:-

1. FINS FISHING – 60 fish –  120.995 kgs
2. GLOW TREK PETROLEUM – 57 fish – 103.765 kgs
3. ULTC GLOW PETROLEUM – 49 fish – 89.335 kgs
4. ZIM BULK – 37 fish –  54.940 kgs
5. CHARTER ‘B’ – 23 fish – 53.690 kgs
6. JAKKALS – 27 fish – 40.260 kgs
7. LOOK EAST- 19 fish – 33.795 kgs
8. SUNSHINE SALLY – 19 fish – 32.010 kgs
9. MARINE CENTRE YAMAHA – 22 fish – 31.620 kgs
10. MA POACHAS – 20 fish – 31.390 kgs

Congratulations to the top 5 individual scorers:-
1. Shiloh Swart, Glow Trek Petroleum – 26 fish – 47.680 kgs
2. Gideon Benade, Glow Trek Petroleum – 23 fish – 43.190 kgs
3.  Dave Finaughty, Fins Fishing – 16 fish   39.335 kgs
4.  Ray Finaughty, Fins Fishing – 20 fish   36.790 kgs
5.  Gareth Palmer, ULTC, Glow Petroleum – 16 fish – 32.025kgs

The biggest fish of the tournament  weighed in at 9.76kgs and was caught by Trevor Marais from South Africa (pictured).  His catch was just short of the 10kg weight required to win an ISUZU single-cab pick up vehicle.

Fishermen and women, please note that the dates for next year’s KITFT are – 10, 11 and 12 October 2018.

While Wild Zambezi is very happy to publicise the results of the Kariba Invitation Tiger Fishing Tournament each year, it is surprising to us that  KITFT has not yet changed its formula to align with the current “Catch and Release”  policies which are employed by sport fishermen (and enforced by tourism operators) all along the Zambezi River system.

We understand that this has economic and administrative implications for KITFT.  However, we believe that sponsorship of a “tamper-proof” mechanism for photographing/weighing & measuring EVERY boat’s catch in situ would be a welcome and innovative opportunity, and would provide a “win-win” situation for all.    Participants would retain their “brag” photos, and Lake Kariba would retain its best tigerfish “breeding-stock”!

Do you have strong views on this subject?  We would be interested to hear them (for or against).
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For more information on tourism operations on the Zambezi please go to – Wild Zambezi