Univisa Stickers are back and are in full use in both Zimbabwe and Zambia as of early this week.

This has been a welcome relief to the tourists visiting the area from category B countries who are required to purchase a visa on arrival in Zimbabwe and also mostly need to do the same in Zambia. In effect the Univisa halves the cost of visiting the two countries and also saves a lot of time waiting for visas at the border crossing.

The original article published last week reads as follows…

According to reliable sources the Immigration departments in both Zimbabwe and Zambia have begun printing the UNIVISA stickers in both of the countries and they will be available again sometime next week ( week beginning Monday 9th October 2017 ) at all ports of entry in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

KAZA Country Liaison Officer Zimbabwe Godfrey Mtare confirmed that the stickers would be dispatched urgently to all ports of entry within the next few days,”.  Previously, the stickers were printed outside the countries but would now be done locally for both Zambia and Zimbabwe making it easier and quicker to respond to supply shortages, he said.

The stickers ran out at all borders three weeks ago causing delays in visa processing and costing visitors more as they had to obtain country specific visas. The departments on both sides of the river have been scrambling resources to have the situation resolved. The cost of the UNIVISA is just 50.00 USD and allows access to both Zimbabwe and Zambia multiple times in a month and also allows a day visit to Botswana. It is hoped that the UNIVISA will eventually be extended to include all countries in the region.

According to an article released in the Tourism Update, Mr Mtare also confirmed that Zambia and Zimbabwe were working on integrating the KAZA univisa into their local systems and this he said should be complete by the end of the year or early 2018 the.  

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