Breathtaking view of Lubango

As Angola is one the SEVEN countries of the Zambesia region and little is known about travel to this country, we thought we would bring our readers an exert of an excellent article we found recently and you can visit the page for more information.

Lubango is the capital city of the Angolan province of Huila and was named after an old “soba” (chief) of the region.  It is one of the most beautiful regions in Angola with breath-taking views.   The weather is mild and the nights can be chilly.  The city has an airport with daily flights from Luanda and from Windhoek, Namibia.  Travelling by car or bus are options although not advisable because of the state of the roads.

Within Lubango, one can stay in Pululukwa Resort and Animal park which is ideal for nature lovers.   The 60 huts (bungalows) represent different ethnic groups and are very comfortable.  Throughout the park are wild animals such as Zebra, Ostrich, Crocodile, Antelope, Angolan Chicken and different kinds of birds. The resort is child friendly with a playground and the food is excellent.  The service is very professional.

Pululukwa Resort and Animal Park

Serra da Leba is a mountain range with 2650 mt, 50 km from Lubango.  The most stunning part of the mountain is the mountain pass road.   It has 56 curves and connects Lubango and Namibe.

Fenda da Tundavala or Gap of Tundavala is an enormous abyss in the mountain of Serra da Leba located 18 km of Lubango. The mountain plateau has 2200 mt of altitude and suddenly falls 1000 mt creating an abyss between the mountain.  The natural abyss is one of the seven wonders of Angola.

Angola is a former Portuguese colony and therefore has a Cristo-Rei (Christ The King) statue which is 30 meters high situated on a hill overlooking the city of Lubango.  Next to the Cristo-Rei statue are giant letters saying LUBANGO in the Hollywood style.

                                     Cristo Rio statue                                                                The giant “LUBANGO” letters

Moçamedes is a coastal city in the Namibe province which is 185 km from Lubango.  The Namibe province is an extension of the Namib desert from Namibia.  It is a semi-desert landscape and has the 3rd largest port of Angola with sights such as Dolphins swimming in the sea!

Visiting Lubango would certainly be a life-time opportunity and hopefully this article inspired you to do so!  For more information please visit article