English TV presenter, travel writer, author and actor Charley Boorman is in Victoria Falls! Charley Boorman is known for his enthusiasm for motorbikes, as demonstrated in several documentaries of his travels.  He was in Victoria Falls in 2007 with his friend, actor Ewan McGregor where they went on a guided tour of the Victoria Falls and McGregor bungee jumped off the Victoria Falls Bridge.

Boorman and several other bikers are on a motorbike round trip that set off from Capetown South Africa. The motorbike trip was organised by Compass Expeditions and is set to cover 5000 kilometers over sixteen days from South Africa to Zimbabwe, Botswana and finally Lesotho.  I caught up with one of the bikers Markus Diedrich from Zurich Switzerland who said that he was thrilled at the opportunity to travel with Charley Boorman.  This was his first time to travel to Africa and he was enjoying the exploration.  “Traveling thousands of kilometers on a bike is both liberating and exciting as you are not covered like you would be in a car.  You can feel the wind or rain on and you and you must continue traveling”.  Diedrich went on to show me a video clip he recorded of several herd of Elephant making their way towards a waterhole.  “I was only thirty meters away from the Elephants, what an amazing experience!”

He added that The most poignant experiences in Victoria Falls so far are the warmth of the people.  “The people of Victoria Falls are very welcoming and warm and it straight from the heart, they are so laid back”.  He spoke of the beauty of the Victoria Falls and added that he would definitely be coming back.  Whilst in Victoria Falls, Charley Boorman has stayed at The Victoria Falls Hotel and The Kingdom at Victoria Falls.


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