When it comes to ways to stay safe on your travels, you can often find that there’s an abundance of advice but not a lot of it is necessarily useful or feasible, especially if you’re travelling alone. ‘Travel in groups’ might be the best way to stay safe, but if you’re taking a trip on your own, you need more than that to ensure that you’re not only safe, but comfortable too. We’ve pulled together some of the best ways to stay safe while you’re travelling alone, so be sure
Follow the same guidelines as you would at home

In all honesty, there’s no special trick to staying safe while you’re away. There’s no one point that anyone can give you aside from ‘don’t go’ that would keep you safe from the dangers that might be posed by going on holiday alone. But what you can do is follow the same safety guidelines that you do while you’re at home. You’ve survived years in your home country, so what’s a couple of weeks in another country? Make sure you know the area you’re travelling to, and stick to public, well-lit areas. Don’t show off expensive items or gadgets, and try and stay alert at all times. Unfortunately, this might mean staying off of the drink while you’re away.

Act like a local
Acting like a local and making friends with said locals can help you stay safe, though of course there is a level of care to be taken with this. A little research into local customs and safe spots will do you a world of good when it comes to staying safe while travelling alone. Learn what locals do and don’t wear, what they do and don’t do and try and learn any traditions or customs that they partake in regularly so you don’t find yourself caught out by them. In some parts of the world, a smile can mean more than it does elsewhere, and some cultures might be more open to skin being on show than others.

Follow basic Personal Security guidelines for travellers
There are basic rules that every traveller should follow, whether you’re alone or otherwise. Dressing casually and similarly to the local custom will make you blend in far better. If you have the ability to pick your hotel room, requesting a room on the 3rd-5th floor is ideal. Avoiding the first two floors puts you at less risk of burglars, while being only the third, fourth or fifth still means you have a good chance of getting out should there be a fire. Similarly, knowing all of the exits and fire escapes in your accommodation is important too. Keep your family updated of your itinerary and make sure you have a mobile that can call internationally. Having that contact could be your saving grace in an emergency if you don’t know the local numbers for the police or emergency services.

If you’re a single woman, consider wearing a wedding ring.
If you’re a single woman, unwanted advances can unfortunately be a common thing we have to go through – especially when we’re travelling alone. Even if you aren’t a single woman but find yourself holidaying alone, wearing some form of ring on your wedding ring finger can be the difference between five men coming up to you during the night, and one who might be trying his luck. This is especially effective in the Middle East, and for other regions and areas, have a look to see what other women have done while travelling – you never know who might’ve posted advice.

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