Zimbabwe and Zambia are now out of KAZA Visa Stickers – at the busiest time!

This morning we received news from Wild Horizons who are possibly the largest transport operator in the region, including Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana, that now the Zimbabwean border authorities have also run out of Kaza Visa Stickers. This now means that as of today there will be no Kaza Univisa available to tourists visiting the region.

The Zambian border authorities ran out of the same stickers two weeks back.

This will be a negative situation for the tourism industry as the region reaches its peak in tourism arrivals in September and this situation will no doubt cause a lot of frustration for arriving tourists who are expecting to take advantage of the UNIVISA system. The system allows arrivals from category B countries which include most Europeans and Americans to purchase one visa and gain access to both sides of the Falls – Zimbabwe and Zambia as well as enjoy a day visit to Botswana.

In effect the cost for visiting both sides of the river will now be around 80.00 USD more than if the KAZA visa were available, as they will need to obtain a double entry visa in the country of arrival and at least a single entry visa for the other country.

The press release from Wild Horizons reads as follows

Dear Valued Agents,
Please take note of the following important information:
Ø There are currently no KAZA UNIVISA stickers in ZIMBABWE. ALL entry points have run out of KAZA UNIVISA stickers.
Ø Kindly inform any agents who may be working with you about this development so that they give accurate information to guests. We will keep you informed of any updates we receive regarding this matter.
Until this matter has been resolved, the standard Zimbabwean and Zambian single and double entry visas will be available at Ports of Entry.

Kindest regards
The Wild Horizons Team