‘Footsteps Through Time’ is a new book that documents over 150 years of travel and tourism to the Victoria Falls.  The book focuses on people who have carved their names in the history of Victoria Falls and the heritage of this natural wonder.  The arrival of Dr David Livingstone in 1855, the coming of the railway and opening of the Victoria Falls Bridge fifty years later are recognized.  Footsteps Through Time also focuses on the development of international air travel and its’ transformation to what we know today.

This book is intended to support and expand on the author’s two previous books on Victoria Falls: ‘Sun, Steel and Spray – A History of the Victoria Falls Bridge’ and ‘Corridors Through Time – A History of the Victoria Falls Hotel’.  The book provides extensive background information with over 100 archive images and photographs. The book is now available to order from Amazon.  For the full article please visit  article