There is currently a shortage of the KAZA Univisa stickers in Zambia at all four of the entry ports. Livingstone Airport, Lusaka Airport, Kazungula Border with Botswana and Victoria Falls Border with Zimbabwe (Zambian side) have all suspended the issuing of the UniVisa since the stickers ran out.

The relevant authorities have been contacted and we await action from the Livingstone Tourism Association as well as the Zambian Immigration Department. It is not clear as to when or if more stickers will be made available, but we will post updates as the information comes in.

The UniVisa’s are still available in Zimbabwe from the Harare International Airport, Victoria Falls Airport, Victoria Falls Border (Zimbabwe side), and the Kazungula Border with Botswana, and they can be used to enter Zambia as well as Botswana for day trips.

In the meantime, guest using Zambian ports of entry will have to buy the single or double entry Zambian Visa.

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