We post the following flight guide to assist with planning itineraries into the Vic Falls area of Zambesia – we thank  African Bushcamps for supplying the information.

The following are a schedule of flights into the Victoria Falls, Livingstone and Kasane Airports ( Chobe ). The schedules show incoming flights and it should be expected that all of these flights also have a return flight to the point of origin within a One hour turn around. We would suggest that you use these schedules as a guide line only and that more in depth research is done when designing itineraries.

Please note also that these three airports are within close proximity of one another. The road transfer time from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe to Livingstone, Zambia is one hour and the road transfer time from either Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe or Livingstone, Zambia to Kasane, Botswana is two hours.

As far as we are aware these flight times are correct as at June 2017. NB Flight times are always subject to change.

The Iata airport codes for –

Victoria Falls is VFA

Livingstone is LVI

Kasane is BBK

NB One extra flight has been added by Fastjet on the Harare to Victoria Falls leg on a Monday making this a 5 flights per week schedule for the high season. 

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