The Victoria Falls Marathon will take place this Sunday the 18th of June 2017.
The annual event will see thousands of runners crossing the bridge at Victoria Falls to Zambia and the border will be closed at least from 0600 to 0800
Three races
  • The 7.5km Fun Run
  • The 21 km 1/2 Marathon
  • The 42 km Full Marathon
All three races will start in the center of town at 0600 beginning with the Full Marathon.
  • Online registration is now closed ( NB more runners than ever before have entered the event )
  • Manual registration is still an option and can be done at the Kingdom Hotel in Victoria Falls on the 16th and 17th of June.

The Route and Congestion

Both the 1/2 and Full Marathon starts in the car park outside the banks near the Ilala Lodge entrance,  then cross over the Vic Falls Bridge, briefly into Zambia offering the social runner some of the most spectacular scenery in Africa, the route continues through the Zambezi National Park with some great views of the river, the route continues up through the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge property and then through town and ends at the Victoria Falls primary school.  The Full Marathon is a ‘double loop’.

Supporters please note – that with the increase in participants this year the organizers of the event are expecting more congestion on the route and are asking for support vehicles to be extra cautious when driving on the marathon route. In some cases the organizers will be blocking off one side of the road with traffic cones – this will most likely include the Reynard Road section through the town. They have asked any traffic on this section to please not use the runners side of the road and for traffic to move on this road only in the same direction as the run.

Fun facts

  • There have been more than 10 Victoria Falls Marathons.
  • The event has been wonderful in exposing the town as a fun and easy place to enjoy sporting events.
  • The event is the largest sports event to take place in a tourist town in the Zambesia region.
  • The event is a one of a kind in that you can possibly bump into wildlife during the run – fortunately National Parks are continuously monitoring the route – BUT look out for the Elephant!

Developed in conjunction with the National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls Marathon race is an AIMS (Association of International Marathon and Distance Races) registered event. The marathon race provides a platform for both local and international runners to pit themselves against the best! The marathon race route is varied in terms of terrain, with some incredible scenery and opportunity to see wildlife along the way.  It is well supported by regular water points, all ably managed by the sponsors.

We wish all of you participating in this years event a good race.

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