Lusaka, Zambia – Leading internet service provider Paratus Telecom is providing new, state of the art systems at the Zambian hotels to offer guests and staff with fast, efficient internet connectivity.

Radisson Blu and Best Western hotels are among the accommodation facilities where the systems have already been installed.

Paratus Telecom Zambia Country Manager Marius Van Vuuren said the move which is a response to the demand from international business and leisure travellers for fast and reliable internet connectivity is aimed at attracting business and leisure travellers and building the nation’s tourism industry.

“This move has upped the game, with a number of other leading hotels now looking to follow suit in order to upgrade their systems to keep ahead of the increasing demand from guests. Most hotels already provide in-room WiFi, it’s about the quality of service, reliability and the ability to control access to optimise the bandwidth needs of internet-hungry guest,” Vuuren said.

The upgraded internet connectivity allows guests to send large files, conduct voice calls, stream videos and read texts with high internet connectivity.

Availability of a high-speed internet connection is one of the criteria essential for hotels to be rated five-star, to meet this rating; more hotels are either upgrading or connecting to internet with high consideration for speed and convenience to their guests.

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