Robin Pope is one of Zambia’s leading safari operators with camps in the Luangwa valley and the Lower Zambezi as well as a recently opened camp in Mana Pools Zimbabwe which is a partnership with guiding legend John Stevens.

Robin Pope safaris has a unique product offering in the Luangwa where clients have the opportunity to spend time with a research team working on the viability of predators in the park.

An outline of the program is as follows and you can go to the company’s web site for rates and further information using

Program overview –
Spend six days with the Zambian Carnivore Programme (ZCP), learning about and viewing the large carnivore species. With a carnivore specific activity each day, you won’t leave disappointed!
The Zambian Carnivore Programme (ZCP) has been operating in Zambia since 1998, carrying out conservation and research activities to conserve Zambia’s populations of this highly endangered species. They started off with a focus on the highly endangered African wild dog but now expanded to all large carnivore species across Zambia through a variety of applied research activities, anti-poaching and habitat conservation work. The research team work quite closely with local schools and communities, supporting and participating in educational work. The ZCP team is based with Nkwali camp and will be pleased to accompany you on activities and share their work with you.

During this week, you will spend time with ZCP project manager Dr Matt Becker and his team. Activities will include tracking, learning about ecological survey techniques in the field including lion identification and prey surveys, attending lectures and visiting ZCP’s education partner Chipembele Wildlife Centre. The schedule is flexible as the carnivores are unpredictable. At least one of the activities each day will be with the ZCP team. The safari gives you a chance to gain some exclusive insights into the ZCP conservation program. In addition to the above activities, you will also enjoy game drives and/or walking safaris in the park with a guide from Robin Pope Safaris.

Tips on activities on offer:
South Luangwa: walking, game drives (day and night), Kawaza Village Tour, Tribal Textiles tour (for souvenirs), Chipembele Wildlife Orphanage visit.

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