On the 5th of May 2017 the Victoria Falls business community came together to play the first Business Golf Game for the year. This year the focus for Business Golf will be to offer the business community in Victoria Falls a social forum within which to share problems and ideas on how things can be improved in and around the town according to one of the organisers – Robin Brown of Cansaf Creative Teaming.
The concept of business golf was started in the Falls some years back and each year the business community have played a monthly game and raised funds that have been used for green initiatives in town. In 2016 the Business Golf community contributed around USD2 000.00 towards the electric fence that has now stopped elephants from entering the council Rubbish Dump.
According to R. Brown – In 2017 the emphasis is on growing the player base and making the golf more relaxed as they hope to bring in more players from the business community. The result should see the emphasis being more on the network and what we can achieve together rather than the golf.
The game on the 5th of May was sponsored by the team at CABS http://www.cabs.co.zw/  a Zimbabwean Retail Financial services provider and a member of the Old Mutual Group, who took part in the afternoon’s game and also took some time after the game to educate the community on the CABS Point of Sale ( POS ) systems that are being installed as well as the payment systems for cards and telephone banking.
Clinton Skinner represented CABS in the Falls at the game and he reported that he thoroughly enjoyed the golf which was played on the freshly improved Elephant Hills Golf Course. He said he was pleasantly surprised by the organized manner in which the course is being kept and by the state of the greens, tee boxes and bunkers in particular.
Other important issues were also raised at the network session after the game and these are being tabled for further discussion amongst the group.