Our class trip to Quest, started with a six hour Journey from Victoria Falls to Esigiodini. We were all so excited to be going.


We did lots of activities which taught us a lot why not check here. These included Falconry, Electronics, mechanics, learning different knots, fauna and flora and a nature quiz.

The obstacle course, which we did in the rain, was one of the highlights of our trip. We had to get all our team mates up and over a tall bar. We then had to do an army crawl and then help each other get over a dam wall in dry bed, followed by monkey bars. Thereafter we had to do a Tarzan swing and then up, through and over a high tractor tyre. Finanlly we had to crawl through a muddy tunnel on our bellies to complete the course.

We also enjoyed orienteering, which was to go around the Quite Waters Conservation area, using a map to find eight different check points in the space of an hour. Some of the teams came across poachers and found two snares which we got rid of.


On our second night we camped at the beautiful Matobo hills. That night we sat around fire and talked and also roasted marshamallows. We got to see cave paintings and learnt about Cecil John Rhodes.



Former Victoria Falls Pupils Munene Kermer and Sean Reynolds explaining about Falconry Club.


quest-electronics-min-copy         quest-campfire-min-copy

Mr Burrett’s captivating explanation of the cave paintings.

We learnt loads on this trip, especially about team work – no one could do most of the stuff by themselves, we all needed each other. As a class we had such a wonderful time. We are sad that this is our last adventure as a class at Vic Falls Primary, but we are really happy about this trip in particular and wish it could have been longer. We are also sad because will all be parting ways as we go to our different high schools and some of us might not see each other for a long time.

“This trip was definitely the right way to end our primary school chapter, a journey we will never ever forget.”

 Article by :

Talia Meikle and Tana Nicholson – Victoria Falls Primary School Grade 7 pupils.