Elefenst 2016 is the first ever ELEFENST music festival! It is an epic event on the banks of the Zambezi River in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe which will bring together Zimbabwe’s finest musical talent, and combine it on the same stage with Victoria Falls’ finest local talent – thus creating a rich and diverse musical extravaganza ” ELEFENST” unique to our region of the world!




This is of course all in the name of the wonderful human-wildlife mitigation projects that are currently underway by Victoria Falls Green Fund &Environment Africa.

These two fantastic NGO’s are based in Victoria Falls and are embarking on a project (a very, very expensive project) to erect a solar electric fence around the entirety of the Victoria Falls Municipal Dump Site, in order to protect elephants and other wildlife from ingesting the harmful waste through which they regularly scavenge, due to a lack of fencing.

They are also embarking on a beehive fence project – whereby a number of beehives will be setup and maintained by the Victoria Falls Beekeeper’s Association along the boundary of Mkhosana and the Zambezi National Park. This is to prevent elephants from wondering into the densely populated township and causing difficulties. (For those that do not already know, elephants do not like bees, and will stay well away from populated areas of bees). This is a sustainable and cost effective away of mitigating one area of human-wildlife conflict.

Elefenst will be a fantastic day out with the whole family celebrating and supporting this fantastic cause, a cause for which we are directly responsible, and must take action for.We are appealing for corporate sponsorship in the form of monetary donations and donations of goods and services required for the event – for more information as to the packages available (with great corporate beneifts) – please email elefenst@vicfallsnews.com

We hope to see you all at The Riverside Venue – Victoria Falls on the 17th December supporting your favourite local acts, soaking up the sun, scenery and great music!!!

VIP TICKETS: $60 for those who wish to donate more to the cause (and of course you will be treated oh so kindly!)

Tickets are available 7/11 convenience store in Vic Falls, Eco Cash payments can also be made – please email for EcoCash instructions.


Contact Information Email:  elefenst@vicfallsnews.com