Great Plains Conservation is excited to announce the charting of new conservation territories in Zimbabwe. In the course of the next few years, we will be opening new camps in prime areas, ripe for expanding photographic, non-consumptive tourism outside of our current presence in Kenya and Botswana.

We are delighted to announce that one of Zimbabwe tourism’s conservation stalwarts, Shelley Cox, will steer Great Plains Conservations’ forthcoming Zimbabwe operations, recruitment and the establishment of a new Victoria Falls office.

Born in Zimbabwe, Shelley developed a deep love of her country of birth  and  wildlife from an early age. A journalism graduate from Rhodes University, South Africa, she has combined her passion for writing and photography with her passion for wildlife, in order to create greater conservation awareness through numerous articles in Zambezi Traveller, Discover Zimbabwe and Travel Africa magazines.
After several years in the United Kingdom, she returned to her homeland and developed her tourism skills over the last six years, promoting Zimbabwe, Botswana and other African countries.

Shelley continues to market Zimbabwe in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority on the Joint Marketing Committee. She is also a keen supporter of and participator in the Wildlife Environment of Zimbabwe’s Annual Wildlife Census in Hwange National Park. In many respects, the title of ‘Great Plains Ambassador Zimbabwe’ could not be more appropriate, as she embodies the complexities of this important role and the ethos of Great Plains Conservation. We are  looking forward very much to working alongside her.


BTTE Kasane

Shelley will be joining the Botswana Travel and Tourism Expo (BTTE) in Kasane on November 28-30. For an appointment with the Great Plains Conservation team at BTTE, please contact:
Alex Walters +44 (0)75544 31638

Shelley’s contact details:
+263 7 7464 1622

Source: APTA