Safari Logistics, which provides cost-effective road and air travel solutions linking Zimbabwe’s top safari and wildlife areas has put in place   strict luggage and weight restrictions during summer (for safety standard reasons) on the weight of passengers and their luggage on its transfer aircraft.


How it works
Our scheduled charter flight  seat rates are available throughout the year on a DAILY BASIS to the main tourist hubs of Zimbabwe, including Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park, Kariba, Mana Pools National Park and Harare.


Safari Logistics flights

Route 1
Victoria Falls – Hwange – Matusadona / Kariba – Mana Pools – Victoria Falls

Route 2
Harare – Mana Pools – Matusadona / Kariba – Harare

The above routes may vary and be in reverse depending on logistics. Departure times will be confirmed 24 Hours prior to departure and are dependent on the routes required by passengers flying on that day.
The above routes are done on a seat rate basis and fly on a daily basis, subject to availability and minimum 2 passengers

Private Charters
A private air charter service can be arranged (upon request) for any routes within Zimbabwe.


“Passengers’ combined luggage and personal weight has to be restricted to a total of not more than 120kgs… to ensure the safety and comfort of all of our guests..”  warned the company in a recent statement.   “Furthermore, we request that passengers only travel with soft-sided luggage- no hard-shell suitcases will be allowed.”

The high temperatures (average 36° Celsius) in Zimbabwe’s summer months produce air thermals and turbulence which can directly affect safari flight transfers, especially during take-off and landing.  These strict conditions will be applied to all Safari Logistics aircraft especially during the summer months (October – April).

“During the booking process, we ask to be accurately advised of all passenger weights so that we are able to calculate the weight distribution and balance of our aircraft. Safari Logistics uses an average weight of 100 kilos per passenger, including their luggage. Passenger weights are used to plan the balance of the plane prior to departure which is why this information is important prior to flights departing. Seat rates only apply to passengers weighing less than 120 kilos. Alternative arrangements may need to be made for guests weighing over 120 kilos.

To ensure the safety of all travellers, we are obliged to weigh all passengers prior to departure.  There is a maximum luggage allowance of 20kg per person, including hand luggage.

“We urge all agents to advise their guests of the baggage limitations and provide passenger weights prior to the day of departure to avoid any unnecessary disruption to planned transfers. We will take every measure we can to avoid inconvenience to our guests, but safety is our first priority.


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Source: African Bushcamps