The Elephant Charge which took place from 30 September  to 2 October was a huge success, raising over $63,000.

Well Done To Everyone who took part in this years charge.  Many thanks to our teams, sponsors, supporters, and the committee for a colossal effort.



Originally inspired by the Kenyan Rhino Charge, the Elephant Charge challenges teams of cars and motorbikes to complete a gruelling course through the Zambian bush. The event is held at a different location each year over Zambia’s Independence weekend in late October. elephant-charge-pics-min


The winning team is the one that completes a course of ten checkpoints in the shortest distance possible. Each team must find their own route between the checkpoints through valleys, over ridges and up escarpments in a trial of driving, navigating and endurance.


The Elephant Charge raises money for 10 beneficiaries located all over Zambia.  It is up to the teams to donate a pledge a minimum of $800, to the Elephant Charge and the committee distributes the monies accordingly to the beneficiaries that have applied for funding.

This event provides much-needed support for vital conservation and community-support work in Zambia. In total, since 2008 the Elephant Charge has raised over $725 thousand for wildlife conservation efforts in Zambia.

To raise funds to put the Elephant Charge on we have our own sponsors including K2 and Lendor Burton who were the main sponsors for this year’s charge.
(see full list of sponsors:


Next year is the Elephant Charge’s promises to be the best edition yet as it marks the event’s 10 yearear anniversary!