No matter where one is in the world, home is where the heart is. It is where dreams are made and where children are born and grow. The walls of a home emanate familiar smells of the mother, favourite meals and father’s pipe. These walls have seen laughter, sadness and tears, reunions and farewells, birth and loss. Home is a safe haven, a security and comfort and that is why so much love, care and attention is given to it. Each home has a personal stamp of love and pride that makes it individual and unique.

The Homesteads of Africa are some of the most extraordinary in the world. They are made entirely by hand, usually a family affair, using only what nature provides.


Wooden poles cut from indigenous trees, supporting sweet smelling African earthen brickwork, fired and baked in homemade ovens. Intricate grass thatching provides a tightly woven roof that separates the lovingly polished floors and the stars. Rich mud walls smoothed by hand are painted and decorated in styles and colours associated with the resident family.   Diligently swept yards are home to contently clucking chickens and usually one arrogant and formidable looking rooster. A central shady tree is the meeting place during the heat of the day where women shuck corn and men talk about the rains and their precious cattle.

A well-plotted and carefully planned cycle route through these villages and rural homes in the Matopos is a once in a lifetime experience. It is a bucket list opportunity to touch the very essence of rural life and feel the warm heart and soul of Zimbabwe. A chance to pedal your way through the pulse of Africa.

Every home is different. Authentic and uncontrived, with no planning permission needed. There is no duplication or carbon copy. Every home is complete. This is a livelihood where less is certainly more. An overdose of life in all its simplicity – yet this is where you will see the widest smiles and hear the most genuine laughter.



Family values are the very core of The Amalinda Collection. A family run company that knows the importance of the comfort and the security of home. “My Beautiful Home” is a personal celebration of the preciousness of the family herd and they are thrilled to offer you this unimaginable heart-warming opportunity. There is no other like it in Zimbabwe.


Matopos is home to the some of the most incredible rural homesteads and their proud residents are excited to share their warm hospitality and their home fires with you.
Please contact The Amalinda Collection for more details and allow us to introduce you to “My Beautiful Home Cycle Tour.”