Tongabezi’s Livingstone Island Walks are back!! The walk will be from the Eastern Cataract to Livingstone Island and back.

Located in the middle of the Zambezi River, touching the lip of the Victoria Falls, where the water thunders down, Livingstone Island is 5 – 8 minutes boat ride from the Royal Livingstone Hotel.

As the name suggests this is the island from which David Livingstone first witnessed the Falls in November 1855. From here he lowered a length of calico with a bullet attached as a weight to measure the depth of the Falls

Access to this unique Island is seasonal and depends entirely on the water level in the Zambezi River. Walks can only be done when the water level of the Zambezi River is low enough to allow safe access to Livingstone Island.
This is from approximately early July to early March.

Tongabezi which is the only licenced operator which offers this activity. The scenic walks run daily at four different intervals –
– 06:15
– 09:15,
– 11:15
– 14:15

We provide a spectacular guided walking adventure from the Eastern Cataract along the edge of the mighty Falls to Livingstone Island and back again. In low waters there will be the added opportunity to swim (optional certainly not mandatory) in the world famous Livingstone Island “Devil’s pool”.

Qualified guides will accompany guests and the maximum per group is 8 people. Guests will meet our guides at the National Heritage ticket office by the Victoria Falls entrance.

The departure venue is by the deck at the Royal Livingstone Hotel in Zambia. Here you will meet your guides and be given and introduction of what to expect and a safety talk. From there a five minute boat ride speeds you through the current of the Zambezi River, twisting and turning as the captain navigates his way through the rocky channels, this in itself is an exhilarating experience as you head towards the rising column of spray from the Victoria Falls.

Relative fitness is required, recommended footwear are rafters or trainers. No flip flops or hard sole shoes. The guide has the right to decide to stop the walk if the guests have difficulty coping with the heat or rough terrain.

Source: Honour Way