Following the success of last year’s beach festival, Flying Fish is hosting an unparalleled day-to-nightlife experience with the Flying Fish beach festival in Kitwe on September 3, 2016.

The beach festival, to be held at Mindolo Dam, will be the premier destination for party-lovers seeking the quality festive atmosphere usually found in European hotspots. Upon entering, guests will be treated to a lush Caribbean oasis complete with beach sand and palm trees.

Flying Fish will create an entertainment platform that showcases local chart-topping acts who will ensure that the festival rocks with their signature blend of upbeat and uplifting music, such as the renowned disc jockey Sebastien Dutch, who is confirmed to attend the event. With well-known hit-makers at the fore, including Kitwe-based entertainers Selectah OG, and Tony & Guido, the beach party is expected to attract a huge crowd of sun-worshipping dance-music lovers.

Organisers of the event are planning to transport the city’s coolest socialites to a tropical seashore, complete with sand, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, towels, music, prizes and related activities such as frisbee, football penalty kicks and volleyball that are sure to be great fun for all concerned.

“Flying Fish is all about trying something new and about finding inspiration in the ordinary. It’s a twist on the familiar, spontaneously adding just that little something extra to the everyday,” said Zambian Breweries managing director Annabelle Degroot.

“That’s why we’re having another beach party in landlocked Zambia. Following the success we had at last year’s event in Lusaka, we thought it appropriate to share the experience with our friends in Kitwe,” she added.

However, Mrs Degroot implored all revellers who would be traveling to Kitwe for the festival to be cautious and avoid drinking and driving.

“We believe in the responsible and moderate consumption of our products and are therefore making an ardent appeal to all party-goers not to drink and drive as they travel to Kitwe. Practising road safety entails the safety of other road users,” she said.

“Please use a designated driver who does not drink alcohol, RTSA officers will be on duty at the venue to ensure safety,” she urged.

The beach festival starts at 14hrs at a fee of K50 per person at the gate. Under 18s will not be admitted.

More details are available on Facebook at @flyingfishzambia

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