This collaboration between Wild Horizons and Art of Africa is certainly one for the bucket list.
Spend time with Africa’s gentle giants – interacting, feeding, and truly observing their characters and individual mannerisms. Easels and palettes await beneath the trees and in front of the mud wallow, where the herd descends to splash and play in the cool mud. A private tutor is provided to guide guests through a painting workshop, using their sketch pads and brush to capture the moment.

Art of Africa 5-minThe experience is truly like no other. Elephants are incredibly intuitive animals, and they seem to know that this activity embodies creativity. Fuelled with curiosity, they saunter right up to the easels, soaking in the artistic energy. Having approved of the work in progress, they head back to the wallow to roll about and seemingly pose for the artists. It’s as if they enjoy the activity as much as the guests, being in no rush to head off into the bush once again. When the herd does eventually decide they have had enough of the lime light, they stroll off, and warthogs take their place, happily lolling about in the now free wallow. Being immersed in and amongst the trees, the time spent interacting with this environment and it’s animals is extremely personal. Such a novel way to connect with the African bush and it’s creatures.


The Wild Horizons concession is based just outside Victoria Falls town. The activity includes return transfers, elephant interaction, art workshop, lunch and drinks. A very special addition to your Zimbabwean journey. For more details please email:


Art of Africa 2-min



Kim Sparrow