Zimbabwean wildlife artist Larry Norton began painting at a very young age, establishing his life-long passion early on. As Larry has refined his skills over the years, his art has replicated his love for the “wildlife and landscapes of Africa” and particularly Zimbabwe. His art has become an expression for one of the last wildlife frontiers on our planet.

“I hope that somehow my paintings celebrate the real essence and spirit of this country, Zimbabwe.”  ~ Larry Norton~

He has gone on countless expeditions where his journeys have seen him traverse the African continent, in search of inspiration and material from the very environment which has become his unique trademark. Regarded as one of Africa’s finest wildlife artists, Larry’s distinctive style vividly depicts the very essence of the natural surrounds that he has always considered his home. Many of his amazing pieces have been painted on location, accurately capturing the spirit of the places he has visited.  Every excursion becomes a memory etched in his heart, which he pours onto his canvas, truly painting from his soul.

In November 2015 he travelled to the Gonarezhou National Park which adjoins Mozambique and South Africa, in the far south-eastern part of Zimbabwe.  He captured the quintessential elements of this pristine environment on an oil painting done in situ. Although the final touches of the painting were completed in his studio, as is often the case, the authentic mood of the master piece was captured on the edge of the sands of a dry riverbed.
To watch the short film “Long Sands of the Gonarezhou” which chronicles this expedition follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJb_K3h4Lhk

His most recent expedition saw him undertake an eight day trek in the Okavango Delta in Botswana with John Sobey.  They explored the area surrounding Macatoo Camp (African Horseback Safaris) situated south west of Chief Islands in Moremi. Larry sketched and painted as they traversed the Delta on foot, capturing their remarkable surrounds in sublime water colour sketches – this was out of the norm as he normally paints in oils.
To see the sketches follow this link: http://www.larrynorton.co.za/Delta_Sketches_1.html

Larry has enjoyed a career which has been characterised by his passion. The success which he has enjoyed has been without a doubt extremely rewarding. The artist continues to live and work in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The Larry Norton Gallery is located the Palm Lounge of the Victoria Falls Hotel.

His work may be viewed on www.larrynorton.co.za

“My advice to my children, would be to do the thing they love most, because whatever it might be, tough as it might be, you will enjoy it every single day and you will work so hard at it  because it’s a pleasure and it’s basically a compulsion.”  ~ Larry Norton ~

VF24 Editor