”A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind.” Eugene Ionesco

Art of Africa Kim

Kim Sparrow

The love of theatre, art and music is spreading fast in Victoria Falls, ignited by a new Art Safari and Event company; Art of Africa. The aim and ethos of this company is to promote and expose Zimbabwean artists, on an international scale, by creating art workshops based on local Zimbabwean talent. From finger painting in the village, djembe drum painting workshops, theatrical evenings, to watercolours on the Zambezi River, founder Kim Sparrow and her team of artists offer a creative platform with a range of choices. From internationally acclaimed artists such as Larry Norton, to new found talent from local villages, the team of artists caters for all creative levels.

A new idea to the market, Art of Africa was only formed last year, and has grown and developed into a myriad of culturally creative and diverse channels. There is so much hidden talent in Zimbabwe, and as the business grows, more artistic gems unveil themselves. It has been the most wonderful adventure, meeting artists with all different skills, desperate to spread their passion for art, and equally keen to learn from each other. “Iron sharpens iron” is part of the Art of Africa incentive – encouraging the various artists to observe one another, and share their methods and ideas.


As a form of holistic and interactive travel, guests are invited and encouraged to partake in art sessions that enrich and enhance one’s African experience – offering a creative and poignant way to react with the surrounding environment. Guided by an African artist, these events enable clients to observe, depict and express their own personal expression of Zimbabwe, catching moments and memories through various artistic channels, taking a piece of Africa home – in their own shade of expression.

Art of Africa 2

Art of Africa provides sessions for all ages and groups. Recently completing a corporate team building workshop at Safari Lodge, the company then went on to Zambia and Botswana to work with YPO groups – inclusive of both adults and children. All workshops were a success, from directors of hotels to six year olds – each person relishing the artistic process. Initially, those who deem themselves unable to paint and create, are afraid of the brush and palette, trepidatious in the activity – proclaiming to be creatively stunted. However, by the end of the workshop, each person is so involved in their piece of work, proud and amazed of what they have managed to achieve. It is the most wonderful process to observe – the melting away of insecurities and blossoming of expression.


“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint,

and that voice will be silenced.” Vincent Van Gogh

Art of Africa

Whether beginner or experienced, Art of Africa provides the opportunity to explore and express individual perception of one’s environment. A truly therapeutic activity, each workshop transports you out of reality, just for a moment, losing yourself to your creative side, and the essence of Africa.

Kim Sparrow