Things have begun to heat up with the LOW WATER rafting commencing. The reputable exhilarating one day water rafting experience will once again entice thrill seekers from across the globe.

The combination of poor rainfall in the 2015/2016 season and the late start to decent rains this season has meant that water levels have been significantly low this year. As such the ‘Low Water’ period which runs between August and January, and is at its lowest between November and early Decembe has been extended this year, starting slightly earlier.

This is the time when there is very little spray and visitors are able to fully appreciate the geological formation of the falls and the full length and breadth of them.

The water level in the gorge drops and the Zambezi River morphs into its most awesome form; reaffirming its white water rafting reputation as being the biggest, wildest, most exciting adrenaline-charged one day White Water Rafting experience on the planet!

VF24 Editor