Konkamoya, a lake side lodge in the south of the Kafue has pioneered a faster and easier way to travel deep into the National Park.

The lodge which is nestled on the banks of the Iteshi Teshi lake now houses an incredibly alluring innovation which will transfer guests to and from Livingstone and Lusaka airport straight to Ngoma airstrip, less than half an hour from the lodge.

The aircraft, which was fondly named the ‘Flying Wild Dog’, was created by well-known Zimbabwean artist, Lin Barrie. The plane is a Britten Norman Islander which has been revamped to give it a unique look and feel, thus offering clients a riveting experience. This brand new aircraft consists of 8 seats plus the pilots.

Splitting her time between the Gonarezhou National Park and the Save Valley Conservancy, Lin and her partner, Clive dedicate their time to the conservation of endangered wildlife, and community cultures. Her work which spans the globe has been featured in many collections; in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Australia, Europe, Canada, and the USA.

Over above this innovative move are the new team members who will contribute the complete product offering at Konkamoya Lodge.  Couple Ruth and Brad Keast who bring in expertise and vast experience are back in the bush as Konkamoya’s new managers. In addition to this, senior guide Jonah Mudenda, who comes from Wilderness camp in the Northern Kafue has also come on board.

VF24 Editor