Last month, Botswana brought in of 14 Bat Hawk light surveillance aircraft to bolster their anti-poaching arsenal. The aircraft will be used in anti-poaching patrols to protect elephants and other endangered animal species.

Such a move greatly enhances the anti-poaching initiatives in the country. This comes at a time when poaching has become an increasingly lethal factor, which has adversely affected the numbers of endangered wildlife species on the continent.

According to Brigadier Benjamin Masunga of the Botswana Defence Force, the government wants to send a clear message that it will remain committed to the fight against poaching to protect elephants, rhinos and other critically endangered animal species.

This shows commitment on the government’s part in the war against poachers and the efforts aimed towards ensuring that the country protects its abundant wildlife;  a factor which has propelled the country as one of the world’s top safari destinations.


VF24 Editor