The River club is nestled in the lush riverine on a wide stretch of the Zambezi River, 18 kilometers upstream of the Victoria Falls in Zambia. This tranquil retreat is positioned on a high bank giving the lodge a vantage point, which provides breath taking views of the majestic Zambezi River in its full splendour.

The Lodge now has a product offering which caters specifically for children, where young guests receive an adventure bag on arrival. It includes a booklet featuring activities to complete and an insect catch-and-release kit. Under the supervision of parents, children have the opportunity to build their own raft with a raft building kit – featuring eco materials such as driftwood, rope and fabric for a sail.

In addition to this kids can enjoy a sunset cruise and fishing tag-and-release from the deck of the boat, insect and butterfly capture-and-release net, birding and insect safari, visits to the local village and school, chef’s cooking/baking lessons, and a guide quiz with certification and prize giving.

This Child friendly approach encourages kids to be active, enjoying some fun in the sun. It is a great way to allow kids to connect with their natural environment in a fun and engaging manner.

VF24 Editor