Two motorists were profoundly stunned on Thursday when they came across a hyena dragging a human corpse across the road in front of them. Shock gripped the onlookers as they watched the predator slink away with its meal.

The incident took place on the Kazungula road which is characterised by feral territory and frequent animal sightings. Even the enigmatic leopard, which prefers to stay out of sight, has been spotted on many occasions.

The hyena did not kill the woman, but turned to scavenging upon finding the corpse. The initial reaction is horror and dismay when incidents such as there occur, but one often forgets that there is an untamed abyss which encircles our town. The natural environment is still very much a part of our reality. This unique co-existence between man and wildlife epitomises an intricate balance which is often offset when man and beast cross paths in unfortunate circumstances.

It is this close proximity which still makes southern Africa a thrill filled hub; where the wild expanse still denotes an unpredictable environment where man faces the peril posed by the natural environment.

As a predominantly unhindered frontier, this wild part of Africa still affords animals corridors in which they roam freely from country to country;  one of the last wildlife frontiers where pristine domains still thrive.


VF24 Editor